Waterfall Single Hole Faucet

Tall body with the waterfall design and single-lever design for effortless flow. White|black & gold finished a luxury appearance which is warm and luxurious color.

The color can create a more elegant and refined look. It will not fade or tarnish over time and can coordinate beautifully with any home decor.

Faucet Mount: Single Hole
Hot & Cold Water: Yes
Type: Ceramic Plate Spool
Style: Contemporary

Delivery Time: Due to the current global crisis (COVID-19), shipping time may be delayed.

black short G
black high H
oil brush short I
oil brush high J
nickel brush short K
nickel brush high L
chrome short M
chrome high N
white gold short A
white gold high B
white gold short C
white gold high D
black gold short E
black gold high F