Toilet Automatic Sensor Flusher

Experience the ultimate convenience and hygiene with our Toilet Automatic Sensor Flusher. Say goodbye to manual flushing and hello to a touchless, hassle-free bathroom experience. Equipped with advanced sensor technology, this automatic flusher detects your presence and flushes the toilet automatically, eliminating the need for physical contact. Not only does it provide a more sanitary solution, but it also helps conserve water by ensuring that each flush is efficient and effective. With adjustable settings and a sleek design, our Toilet Automatic Sensor Flusher seamlessly integrates into any bathroom decor. Upgrade your restroom to a new level of cleanliness and convenience with our innovative sensor flusher.
Type: Flush Valves
Function: Stool Flushing
Flush Valve Type: SENSE
Flush Valve Type: Hand-pressing Type
Electronic Induction Type: DC Type
Color: White, Black
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