Multiple Water Outlets Sink Faucet

The Multiple Water Outlets Sink Faucet is a modern and convenient fixture that offers versatility and functionality in your kitchen or bathroom. This innovative faucet is designed with multiple water outlets, allowing you to perform various tasks with ease and efficiency.

Equipped with separate water outlets, this faucet provides flexibility in water flow and direction. You can choose between a standard aerated stream for everyday use, a powerful spray for rinsing dishes or cleaning the sink, or a combination of both for maximum convenience. The ability to switch between different water outlets makes this faucet highly adaptable to different tasks and user preferences.
Valve Core Material: Brass
Type: Ceramic Plate Spool
Surface Treatment: Polished
Style: Single Holder Single Hole
Material: Stainless Steel
Installation Type: Deck Mounted
Feature: Cold and Hot
Color: Black, Grey
Cold & Hot Water: Yes
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