Black Shower Wall Mounted Faucet Mixer

Certified pressure balance valve's cartridge monitors water pressure balance, maintaining consistent water temperature, helping to protect you from being scalded by sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure.

Simulates the natural rain to provide you with natural contact of water experience, giving you a pleasant shower, easy to clean and maintain.

Feature: Cold and Hot
Number of Handles: Single Handle
Surface Treatment: Blackened
Faucet Color: Black Bronze

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1-Ways 8 inch
1-Ways 10 inch
1-Ways 12 inch
1-Ways 16 inch
3-Ways 12inch A
3-Ways 16 inch A
3-Ways 8 inch B
3-Ways 10 inch B
2-Ways 12 inch
2-Ways 16 inch
3-Ways 8 inch A
3-Ways 10 inch A
3-Ways 12 inch B
3-Ways 16 inch B
2-Ways 10 inch
2-Ways 8 inch