Tap Water Purifier Faucet Filter

Tap Water Purifier Faucet Filter If the water pipe is used for a long time, rust, bacteria, dust, etc. will form inside the pipe. It is especially important to use a filter. This faucet filter uses a combination of natural diatom ceramics, activated carbon particles, and high-density PP cotton cloth, which can filter sediment, rust, bleaching powder, etc. in
the water. The filter element is removable and washable for a longer life cycle. Tap Water Purifier Faucet Filter
  • type: kitchen faucets with water filter
  • shape: cute bear
  • color: white Kitchen faucets
1. Multiple fine filtrations
2. Two-gear water outlet
3. Viewable window: Visual window, real-time viewing of filter element usage.
Clear visibility for easy cleaning and filter replacement.
4. Filter can be reused for 6 months: Filter is washable. It is recommended to clean it every 3-5 days and replace the filter element
every 6 months to ensure the filtering function.
5. Dual use for kitchen and bathroom
6. Easy to install
7. Safety material: Food grade ABS, safe and secure
8. Water flow:2L/min It is equivalent to filling a glass of 200ml of water in 6 seconds, meeting the daily water speed.